In general, people go to see a psychoanalyst when life's difficult. They want to feel better. They decide to find out more about where they actually stand, and how they can improve the situation.

Surely, one can come out of personal interest, with the desire to talk freely about what is happening to oneself, to see more clearly what is going on. But more often than not, one comes out of necessity, when one is worked up by something that causes too much suffering : painful repetitive patterns in our relationships, a lack of confidence, feelings of shame in society, a crisis in a couple’s life, abuse in the family, professional mobbing, burn out, separations, sexual difficulties.

The list is long of the moral tests which engage our emotions and sometimes dangerously affect our interior life : traumatic experiences, dependences, anxiety and phobias, guilt, stress, a depression, inhibitions, outbursts of aggressiveness, an impossible life choice, mourning, nightmares. In addition, all these trials have physical repercussions, one feels the body's agony. And as if all that were not enough, all psychological turmoil has a great impact on the personal and relational level : when we're trying to find out who we are, with our partners, with our children and parents, professionally, among our friends ...

It's painful, absolutely, but there is nothing in it that deserves to be stigmatized, it is simply life, human life with all its ordinary depth. And we can share it so that you can find your own way through it, with more satisfaction.