The transmission of psychoanalysis is carried out by psychoanalysts, mostly outside universities, in psychoanalytical institutes and schools.

The training of the psychoanalyst includes :

- theoretical courses (on the various psychic structures, on the relationship between illness and health, on the principles and resources of practice),

- studies of fundamental texts (the texts of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, and of many other authors),

- case studies,

- an introduction to the professional ethics of the psychoanalyst,

- an internship in an institution in the psychiatric field (optional),

- supervision of practice by experienced colleagues,

- and then, last but not least, a personal analysis : every psychoanalyst has himself gone to a psychoanalyst before practising his profession, in order to clarify what pushes him towards this profession, to get to know himself and to make sure he doesn’t confuse the problems of the people who consult him with his own issues.

This last requirement, crucial in the eyes of psychoanalysts, is specific to psychoanalytic training. It is not required in the training of those to whom the Luxembourg legislator grants the title of psychotherapist.